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    Daniel Pehrson

    Hey Justis!

    Thanks for taking the time to try out Trailpost and provide feedback. When I originally designed Trailpost I specifically tried to come up with a set of common categorizations everyone would use so that it would be easier to cross-compare packs.

    As the system is growing I am looking to see whether this is still the best way to do things by collecting feedback.

    If I could ask a few questions:

    1. Are you looking for "product categories" (Backpacks, Shelter, etc.) or "organization categories" ("Sierra gear", "Town gear")? Based on the example you provided, it sounds more like the latter.
    2. If you were looking to change the existing categories, what would you add, remove, rename, split, or combine?

    I think you're likely touching on an important missing feature: Arbitrary grouping of pack items unrelated to their product function. Is that correct? This may be an excellent enhancement in the future if so.

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