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    Daniel Pehrson

    Hey there Isaac!

    So currently, the way Trailpost's system is built, it works like this:

    • The system decides on a measurement system (metric vs imperial) for each visitor. For registered Trailposters this comes from your account settings, and for guests, the system makes a best guess based on the language your browser prefers.
    • When viewing an individual pack, any visitor (registered or unregistered) can temporarily override this setting (so someone who normally views things in metric can quickly look in imperial or vice versa.)
    • The system displays weights in grams until the weight hits 1000 grams and then displays kilograms, or it displays weights in ounces until the weight hits 16 ounces and then displays it in pounds.

    At the moment there isn't a way to display weights in a combination of systems/units, but it's an interesting idea.

    Am I correct in guessing that it is common for people who primarily use the metric system to deal with item-level weights in metric but pack-level weights in imperial? My guess is because a lot of the ultralight community is US-based and target pack weights are often discussed in imperial units, it's easier to see pack weights in imperial units even if you prefer metric.

    This could be a really neat feature I hadn't thought of before, I am curious to see how many people would be interested in something like that.

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    I think you have the use case spot on. As a Canadian, we use a weird mix of metric and imperial systems. For instance, I would measure food and other products in grams, but I weigh myself in pounds. I think the main demographic that may like this would be other Canadians or people from the UK where we end up using both systems.

    Since the UL community is mostly US based I gauge my total pack weight according to the US system of pounds, and find it easier to compare total pack weights like that because I use pounds quite often. On the other hand I have almost no experience with ounces as I do all my small weights in grams, so that's what I use for my individual weights.

    I know there is a lot of back end work going on with the site, so I get that this may not be something that gets implemented any time soon, but I figured it could be a nice thing to add a little polish and usability to the site once the main features are done.

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    Daniel Pehrson

    Thanks for confirming my hypothesis! While the primary focus of development right now is the gear database, I keep track of all the feature requests and suggestions that come up (which is why I run this help center.)

    Often times smaller features/requests can be rolled into larger updates, so I always want a list of possible changes to work off of!

    Thanks for taking the time, and please feel free to always share ideas here. I read and respond to all of them.

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