Add price and date of purchase to items in locker



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    Daniel Pehrson

    Hey b4d!

    Sorry for the delayed reply, was pretty busy yesterday dealing with the launch of custom packing categories and fell behind on email.

    These are great suggestions and I've added them to my product planning tracker related to enhancements to the gear/locker management section.

    Right now the top things people seem to want on locker items are:

    • Purchase price/date
    • Descriptions
    • The ability to archive locker items so they don't appear by default in the locker and when adding items to a pack (for gear you still own and have packed in the past, but don't use as much anymore)

    I'm curious how you feel about the other two options so I can try to make decisions about how to implement the most number of features that the most number of people would find useful.

    Thanks for being a Trailposter and for taking the time to share your ideas with me!

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    Hi Daniel!

    No problem, there is no rush :)

    I think price/date and description could be implemented pretty quickly, as they are probably just another column in the database table. I don't mind descriptions very much, but would love to enter all my data (price/date) that I already have in notes to trailpost.

    Archive would be the third thing for me, I see the benefits, but for now, I don't have a lot of stuff so it does not bother me :)


    One more thing comes to mind, maybe you could implement a way to track how many times have you packed the item and how many times did you really use it on the trip? I do this to improve my packing for the future. But it is a delicate thing on the matter of the proper implementation so that it would work for all. I need to think this one through :)



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    Daniel Pehrson

    Hey again b4d!

    I agree that these would be useful features and not terribly difficult to build, the tough job I have is always trying to choose which feature to work on next since I get so many good ideas from the community. That's why I always ask members about ideas that come from other members, to see which ideas would help the most people.

    I really, really like your idea about tracking item usage on trips and that is exactly what the next major revision to Trailpost intends to do. I have no planned timeline yet, but in the future I want to add "Trip reports" to Trailpost where members can attach a pack to a "Trip", write up a report of how the trip went, and in there I could let you check off which items in the pack you used and perhaps even write a review of the item. This would obviously be a very big feature, but I think it would be a lot of fun.

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